Customer Service – Experience the Difference

The whole of our business is directly focussed on delivering great customer service and we think that makes us stand out. It’s an attitude not a department, as our head of account management Helene Heyes is quick to point out.

“We recognise that as well as the teams who deliver services to our customers, there is a need to have a designated “some-one” who is the primary point of contact for that customer and this is the Account Manager. The InCloud Solutions Account Manager is part of both the consulting and the sales teams and therefore has a direct association with services and support delivery as well as having an understanding of SAP Business ByDesign and all the add-ons available to our clients for their consideration as the business alters.

Each client has an account manager and during the initial implementation, this role is primarily carried out by the Project Manager, but as the main project is completed then there is a handover to the Account Manager who then assumes the role and responsibility.”

What attributes does the designated Account Manager have?

The Account Manager is knowledgeable about the features of the solution as well as your business requirements. It is a key part of the role to consider the options we offer and make sure that the client’s requirements are being met. This includes any add-on applications or development, support and consultancy or training.

Key characteristics are :

  • Positive “can do” attitude
  • Close relationship with both the customer’s team and our team
  • Integrity
  • Open to suggestions and criticisms
  • Problem solver
  • Dedication
  • Enthusiasm

What are the normal roles performed by the Account Manager?

  • Assisting with renewals of service and contracts.
  • Liaison with the customer and SAP regarding user count and licence management.
  • Advising the customer about new features and apps that may be appropriate.
  • Monitoring service delivery and support and alerting customers and our teams to issues and problems.
  • General point of contact for customer services or queries.
  • Helping with SAP service delivery and escalation.
  • Working with SAP to enhance the Business ByDesign solution to incorporate features that our customers would benefit from.
  • Making sure the account stays clear and settled in time.
  • Pick up on trends and common requirements to improve our service offering.
  • Look at other ways of doing things such as training, services etc
  • Look at communications and processes in order to improve interactions.

What the Account Manager doesn’t do.

Turn up on your premises monthly to drink your coffee and try to sell you something!

Monthly Charge to Customer

Free of Charge

Many thanks to Helene for letting us into her customer service secrets. If you would like to find out more about what we can offer please get in touch with us – [email protected] and she would be pleased to help.