Our teams have developed a best practice approach to ERP implementation as the result of working on many many projects. We follow an implementation methodology which we have mapped out to allow us to be as efficient as possible while involving you at all the key stages to ensure that the solution fits your business. This is especially important in the configuration and testing cycles – which is where we are now.

To recap, we have agreed on the scope of the project, we have looked in detail at your business scenarios and you have accepted the solution we have put together.

Now your ERP system needs to be configured and the various scenarios tested, using sample data provided by you. This includes the configuration of any relevant mobile devices and connections to external service providers.
A solution walkthrough at this stage will show you what your end-to-end process will look like – here you can identify any major gaps so that changes can be made.

The solution configuration, testing and walkthrough may need to go through several iterations to get it right for you, but our experience and agility means that this will not need to hold up your project.

Now we hand the system over to you so that you can use it, get used to it and start to train your teams. (This is not the final handover – but is a chance for you to “play”.) If you need it, help and training documentation is built into the software but we will also create help documents specifically for you.

Top Tip
Is you data ready? Now is the time to complete this task.

Once we know everything is working it is time to plan ahead so that your business is not interrupted when the system goes live – this is called Cutover planning and is one of the most important aspects of an ERP implementation project.

Cut-over planning starts many weeks before the actual cut-over point. During this transition period, master data can be migrated, preparatory stock takes can be performed and order backlogs reduced.

Top Tip
When you get to the actual cut-over point, use a detailed cut-over crib sheet which sets out step by step what needs to be done, when and by whom

Up until now we have been working on a test system – now we set up the final system you will be using. You will be asked to accept this and to confirm that you, your people and your data are ready. At this point you are ready to execute your cutover plan.

Much of this has already been done in the lead-up, but the final work is often executed over a weekend so that everyone can begin using the new system on Monday morning.

This is called Go Live

Congratulations – you now have a brand new ERP system. We provide you with a month of aftercare and we promise to stay with you up until your first period-end closing. We are as keen as you are to make sure that the system is working and that the implementation has been a success. You can also sign up for additional support as you need it.