While the implementation process for your new end to end ERP system may look long and complex, it can actually be carried out in as little as 6-8 weeks, in some cases. Our teams are extremely experienced and are experts in their field. We work to a tried and tested methodology which allows us to be very efficient.

It is important that you understand what is going on with your new cloud based ERP system and we will work in partnership with you, involving you and consulting with you at every stage – we’re not in the business of imposing anything you don’t want.

As a result you will need to verify that you are happy with the project as we go along. Here we explain how that happens. First a little about the workflow.

The 4 phases of your implementation journey 

There are four phases to the implementation process; Prepare, Realize, Verify and Launch

Across these phases are collections of tasks which we call streams – these are tasks which are required to achieve one or many deliverables. Streams as the word might suggest are fluid and can therefore span many phases; for example, data preparation is a very long task which runs across several phases.

The streams end in milestones called Quality Gates (Q-Gates) which have to be agreed and signed off before we can move on, for example the Project Verification Q-Gate and the Solution Acceptance Q-Gate. Quality Gates are there to make sure that all the stakeholders in the project are happy and agree that their requirements have been met. Once they are signed the project can continue.

There are four Quality Gates in total.

  • Project Verification
  • Solution Acceptance
  • Readiness Acceptance
  • Go Live

Here is a look at the Quality Gates in more detail.

Project Verification

The first Q-Gate – Project Verification, ensures that all stakeholders agree about the implementation project scope. When necessary, a change order is executed.

Solution Acceptance

At the end of the Realize phase, the Solution Acceptance Q-Gate confirms that all stakeholders agree that the business scenarios which we have demonstrated meet the implementation project requirements and that all configuration questions have been addressed.

Readiness Acceptance

All stakeholders agree that the systems, data and people are ready to execute the cutover from the legacy system to the new system.

Go Live

The Go-Live Q-Gate confirms with all stakeholders that the cutover is complete and the organization is ready to use and support the new solution.

I hope you have enjoyed our step by step guide to implementing your new system and that is has helped in some way to de-mystify the process. Here you will find part 1 and part 2 of the series on your Implementation Journey as well as articles on choosing a system and a system vendor.

We hope that InCloud Solutions can be of service to you in the future.