Intelligent Cloud ERP solves problems – it’s true.

Take the Bristol food flavour manufacturers TasteTech. They were struggling with several different software systems, none of which talked to one another, when they decided to step up to SAP Business ByDesign.

That clever decision to adopt Intelligent ERP has saved them time and money. Now they can send out samples automaticaly, change the labels on their products when they need to and most importantly keep trace of all their ingredients.

Track and Trace

Intelligent Cloud ERP like SAP Business ByDesign can help you keep track of ingredients or product components as they come into the factory – get turned into something amazing – in this case flavours for the food industry and then get shipped out again as finished proucts. This traceability is vital to so many companies, like life sciences for example, where regulation are strict and safety is paramount. It’s good to know someone has got your back!

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Learn how

  • TasteTech, BHS & JAY-BE harnessed the power of the cloud
  • You can standardise end-to-end processes across multiple entities & locations
  • How to automate manual tasks with workflow between financials, CRM, project management and SCM.

Intelligent Cloud ERP in action!

Don’t take our word for it  – listen to Selina Moe from TasteTech telling us what she likes about SAP Business ByDesign…

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