SAP Business ByDesign versus NetSuite ERP – Solution Comparison

Spoilt for Choice?

When selecting business software for your growing midsized company – how on earth do you choose? The number of cloud solutions now on offer puts you in a better position than ever before to find what you need – BUT you really are spoiled for choice. For us, at InCloud Solutions, the key to the success of your ERP project comes down to the partner you decide to work with but in order to help you on your way here are some of the differentiators;  SAP Business ByDesign versus NetSuite ERP.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a world class enterprise resource planning and business management solution from SAP designed specifically for the cloud. Implemented in over 3,900 business entities in 120 countries, across 27 industries it allows fast-growing, mid-market businesses to scale and compete from one single system without the complexity and cost of an on-premise solution. Finance, CRM, Project Management, SCM & Procurement all come as standard along with easy to use reporting and analytics. SAP Business ByDesign has also proved its worth as a system to run subsidiaries.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is a worldwide provider of cloud-based business management software which was acquired by Oracle in 2016. It manages core business processes via a single, integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more.   More than 12,000 companies and divisions of large enterprises use NetSuite to run more effectively. Like Business ByDesign, NetSuite allows businesses to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information anytime, anywhere.

Target Market

Both companies have targeted their solutions at fast growing midsized businesses as they move from entry level accounting systems to something integrated and more sophisticated which will run all aspects of their core business processes.

Road map and plans

Both Business ByDesign and NetSuite have plans to home in on industry verticals. For example, SAP are encouraging their partner ecosystem to develop industry specific Packaged Solutions which SAP will certify, while NetSuite have a programme called SuiteSuccess, about building packaged editions for different types of companies. Both include built in best practices to maximise value to the customer. SAP use the talents of their partner’s in-house developers to create intellectual property while NetSuite are focusing on industries where they are strong, like midmarket retail.

Price Comparison

It isn’t easy to quote the exact price of ERP software. The overall cost includes the software license, subscription fees, software training cost, customization cost, required hardware, and the cost of maintenance & support and other related services. We suggest approaching your chosen vendor for further information or take our cost calculator HERE for a ball park figure.

Features and Functionality

SAP Business ByDesign verus NetSuite ERP ? Actually they share many of the same features including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Multi-Currency, CRM, Human Resources and Inventory Management Modules.

Some experts have commented that NetSuite product enhancements are sometimes offered as “ADVANCED” features for which there is an extra charge. A Business ByDesign subscription includes access to all new functionality.

SAP Business ByDesign versus Netsuite: Decision time

As you can see there is not much to choose from on paper between these two solutions. We would however advise some in depth research. Here are some pointers. On price – check if initial deals are going to be pegged to those rates or increased at a later date. Ask detailed questions about the countries and currencies you might need to operate in – are they supported as standard? Another area to examine is any additional software you might want to integrate with – and finally get details of support packages and costs.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you want your software to do. Have a clear idea of this and then you are in an excellent position to ask the right questions.

The right Partner

As we have said before – the right partner is paramount. Are you signing up to work with people you like and trust? Get to know your potential partners at the shortlist stage and work only with the ones you know will get the job done with the minimum of fuss. Remember, it is very easy to promise the moon but much harder to deliver it. Look out for a realistic and practical attitude to the project in hand along with the right number or specialists to see the project through. Meet the project managers and get an idea of how long the implementation will take. Those clients who are well prepared have the best experience, in our humble opinion!

While I am sure you are champing at the bit give us a call, it would be wrong to leave you without our opinion of the solution we have put our whole company behind. We run our own company on SAP Business ByDesign and so strongly do we believe that it is the best of its kind, that it is the only solution we sell. We hope you will like it too.

Some of the reasons why we chose SAP Business ByDesign

Built-in best practices

SAP Business ByDesign helps businesses to standardize their practices with pre-built processes that are readily adaptable where needed.

Suite in a box

SAP Business ByDesign customers receive all the tools to run their primary business functions as part of their license – without any additional modules required.

Advanced professional services

SAP Busines ByDesign professional services functionality fulfils even the most complex customer requirements and is fully integrated with components from CRM to Financials and HCM.

Easily scalable

SAP Business ByDesign is seamlessly scalable, meaning that growing businesses can incorporate new operational requirements and expand into new markets without changing ERP or version.

Ease of implementation

Standardized processes and a built-in implementation methodology means less configuration and quicker roll-outs, while full localization provides for ease of global implementation.

Seamless two-tier

Pre-built deep integration with SAP Enterprise Products makes for straightforward roll out to subsidiaries.

Broad and deep functionality

SAP Business ByDesign extends well beyond just showing dashboards and has functionality depth in key areas like inventory management and manufacturing.

SAP involvement

Customers regularly highlight the commitment shown by InCloud Solutions and our willingness to work together with you to go the extra mile, so e-mail us without delay to book a chat with us about your requirements. [email protected]