Future Proof Your Business With Real Time Technology

Clients frequently want to know how they can make sure they are investing in the right technologies and services for their business. Will their choices become outdated  – are they missing important developments which are coming down the line? Making the right choice now can save you a lot of heartache in the future. Watch the video and then read a fuller response to the question below…

How do I Make Sure My Business is Future Proof?

With the pace of change increasing and consumer expectations rising, organisations across the globe are constantly looking for ways to deliver more, with fewer resources. How can it be done? Technology is increasingly the answer to that question. The digital revolution offers organisations more options than ever before – from AI, to machine learning to block chain. Some of these technologies are already making a difference e.g. the Internet of Things has started to produce efficiencies in manufacturing, chatbots are helping to improve customer experience and ERP is automating repeatable processes in finance – meanwhile in other sectors, the full potential of these technologies has yet to be realised.  The key to future planning is adopting technologies that are both adaptable and “future proof”.

By choosing to run your business on a flexible, scalable infrastructure you will be able to support your organisations growing needs in the face of each new technology that comes along. We strongly recommend that you start with an ERP in the cloud. Software as a service, accessed via the internet, is more cost effective and secure than on premise hardware and reduces the need for specialist IT teams.

To meet the ever rising expectations of your customers you will need to increase your efficiency – that means adopting business software that allows you to collaborate between departments, call up accurate data in real-time  and give managers the power to make informed decisions there and then. Integration is critical to this flow of information. Disparate and siloed applications are inefficient and most organisations now recognise the need for a unified IT strategy in the cloud. Pre-integrated cloud application suites like SAP Business ByDesign will allow you to standardise common business processes, such as procure to pay or order to cash, creating a secure, robust and scalable digital core.

If you choose your cloud ERP suite wisely you will have selected something which will adapt to your needs if and when required. This is vital if you want to future proof your organisation. You can add in subsidiary companies, switch currencies and tax regimes or add in totally new functionality as it become available. New functionality for our products are in development all the time and while we have excellent road maps for the near future you never know what will become available further down the line. Having a platform that you can adapt removes the guess work and gives you peace of mind for the future.