Hi, as we all sit at home and work out how to be in this current situation I wanted to share our managing director Bob’s message to customers. Everyone is getting a lot of corporate e-mail just now but here is our operational message in case you need to refer to it. I hope it will be re-assuring to anyone looking for information on how to access support, how to play any projects which are in the pipeline and also for anyone just getting to know us who wants to keep in touch.

A Message From Bob

Hi there

Without going into specific government announcements, as things are changing quickly, please allow me to explain what InCloud are doing to support your business during these trying times.

We all need to protect our businesses and adapt to working from home. The good news is that the InCloud support team already work remotely much of the time, so no major changes are needed to keep up our levels of service. You can be re-assured that we will keep answering phones and supporting your business and employees as necessary via the support line [email protected] or you can call 01628 876723 and ask for Support.

We also have Business as Usual (BAU) capabilities which allows us to assist with all of your daily processes should your personnel numbers go down through illness. We can help manage standard processes and also train covering staff as necessary, all remotely of course!

On the flip side I suspect these testing times will give you the opportunity for reflection on how things get done in our new virtual world – I’m not sure how temporary it is…. and you may have some breathing space to re-analyse your current businesses processes and their effectiveness. Our Consultants and Technical staff are all here to advise and support whatever changes or intermediate tasks you may need on an ad hoc basis.

For our newer members – in the throes of implementation, we hope that with the use of Teams/Zoom/gotomeetings etc we can keep to the existing timelines where possible and deliver a solution to you ready for when these current restrictions are lifted. We look forward to better times and a chance to show you what the solution can do.

I hope you are all coping with the new advice to stay at home and that we can get back to normal in due course. Stay safe and join me in keeping an eye out for those who need help.


Message to SAP Business ByDesign Customers supported by InCloud Solutions