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· Simplify Complex Billing Problems
· Offer Customers Imaginative Deals
· Never leave revenue on the table

Would you like to offer your customers great bespoke deals but haven’t got the time to calculate complex bills? Do the problems associated with tracking multiple offers manually leave you feeling boxed in and frustrated?

If so then InCloud Solutions would like to introduce you to CUBContract & Utilities Billing – a new app which works alongside SAP Business By Design cloud based ERP for mid-sized companies to upload customer usage and automatically generate invoices based on contract rates and bandings.

How do I know if CUB the complex billing app is for me?

· If you sell something in units like utilities, gas & electricity – then CUB is for you.
· If you offer your customers a fully or partially paid for service as part of their contract then CUB can help you.

Possible Scenarios

Imagine a mobile phone contract that comes with a bundle of free minutes – what happens when those minutes are used up?

With CUB you register the details of each contract within SAP Business By Design and then let the system automatically add the cost of any extra usage to the monthly invoice if agreed levels are exceeded.

Or, say you own a warehouse and charge customers for moving goods in and out of your facility, offering 100 free movements a month – what happens when that number is exceeded? With CUB you can capture the extra movements and invoice for them monthly before they build up.

In fact CUB can help customers pay for all sorts of things, ranging from phone minutes, to shipping fees to financial trades – anything that comes in units can be billed this way.

3 Ways to Win With CUB – The Complex Billing App That Sets Your Imagination Free

Customers get better offers
Sales teams get more creative
Accounts teams will thank you!

Set your team free

With help from CUB – the App that sets your imagination free – you can really start getting creative. Your sales teams have the freedom to come up with packages that attract and delight your customers – whatever service you provide. Now you can offer your customers great value bundled deals safe in the knowledge that you can capture the revenue should more be required.

Where Can I Get CUB – The Complex Billing App?

This app has been developed solely by InCloud Solutions and we would be happy to work with any interested customers to define their needs and make adaptations to get the best from the app. Please see our page on the SAP App Centre here contact us here  01628 876723 and we will talk you through what we can provide.