Todays pain – tomorrows solution

Are you drowning in data? Can’t get the reports you need? If you are wading through spreadsheets and hoping there’s another way then we have good news. There is.

It’s possible to grow and even thrive without support from joined up business software, but eventually your lack of up to date technology will start to hold you back.

We spoke to a company the other day who were struggling. Their staff were tied up with needless manual processes, they were counting stock by hand, copying and pasting information over and over and endlessly seeking out the right managers for signatures and approvals.

If you think this might be you, then you could be missing a whole raft of quick wins – like actionable insights from reports, automating manual processes, or just having one central place for all your data.

Manage your business with a single cloud ERP

At InCloud Solutions we champion a cloud based solution designed for medium sized and growing companies that could help you streamline business processes at a stroke. Business ByDesign ERP will manage your business from end to end on a single intelligent cloud ERP suite. Get accurate stock levels in real time, swipe an app for approvals on the go.

Graphic showing how SAP Business ByDesign connects every function of a business like lego blocksBusiness ByDesign is an ERP software suite in a box – which means it has several modules, (eg finance, project management, customer relationship management) and it comes pre-configured – this allows you to scale up and compete without the complexity and cost of a bespoke system. This means implementation time is drastically reduced because you are working with best practices rather than trying to re-invent the wheel.

Interested? Let’s take a look at the core functionality and features of SAP Business ByDesign 2020


Experience a single end-to-end cloud solution powered by proven business processes and delivered in a quick-to-implement package.

Built for growth

Leverage a dynamic, configurable solution that’s built to scale to help your company become more efficient and keep growing with your business.


Get full transparency to make informed decisions every day with analytics that are built into every process.


Get a clear and accurate view of your financial situation in real time. Streamline your core accounting processes and manage your cash and liquidity.

Financial and managerial accounting

Manage accounts for multiple operating units, currencies, and reporting standards

Cash flow management

Use customer and supplier transaction data to get real-time visibility into your cash position.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your marketing, sales, and service processes and drive customer engagement.


Use personalised customer information for more-effective campaign management, lead generation and qualification, and sales team handovers.


Gain complete sales force automation and improve account management, from contact interactions to invoicing.


Equip employees with the tools and insights they need to deliver superior customer service and boost customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

Streamline HR processes, such as organisation management, workforce administration, time and attendance, and employee self-service.


Simplify employee onboarding and give employees and managers easy access to all relevant information.


Facilitate payroll processing and take advantage of interfaces for third-party payroll providers.

Time, attendance, and labour management

Manage time, labour, and compensation more effectively with centralised data and self-service processes.

Requests and approvals

Create and monitor policy-compliant purchase requests and automated approvals.

HR self-services

Empower employees to self-manage time sheets, procurement processes, and personal information.

Project Management

Manage projects of any size and complexity with real-time project collaboration and monitoring.

Run more effective, profitable projects by facilitating collaboration and enabling your teams to manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time.


Empower employees with self-service procurement capabilities to save time and costs, centralise supplier information, and negotiate better deals.


Maintain a central database of supplier and product information, making it easier to negotiate better prices and manage multiple supplier contracts.


Streamline your company’s purchasing activities and provide buyers with real-time information so they can negotiate better prices.

Supply Chain Management

Improve supply chain effectiveness with better supply-demand matching and increase flexibility by streamlining customer and supplier collaboration.

Product development

Accelerate time to market and help ensure product design meets customer specs.

Supply chain management setup

Get a clear view of your supply networks and layouts for supply chain modelling.

Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics

Produce high-quality products efficiently, better manage production, and automate related processes.

Planning and control

Control material flows with an exception-driven approach to procurement planning.

Industry-Specific Functionality & Features of SAP Business ByDesign

As well as the industry specific versions of Business ByDesign specified below we know Business ByDesign works well for customers in the Public Sector, Univerities, Life Sciences, Pharma & Telcos. There are few sectors which would not benefit from an ERP solution.

Professional services

  • Connect and automate key professional services processes
  • Get real-time project insight to maximise client value
  • Understand customer lifecycle data to effectively position your service offerings
  • Evaluate project and client profitability to help meet your portfolio goals

Wholesale distribution

  • Accurately forecast and meet demand
  • Gain transparency into your entire supply chain
  • Reduce operational costs while optimising inventory levels and working capital
  • Present one face to the customer across your business, regardless of channel or region


  • Get a view of your entire manufacturing operation from start to finish and in real time
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Simplify channel and partner management to meet market demand
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a 360-degree view of customers

Built-In Analytics with Sophisticated Prediction Capabilities

Business ByDesign comes with built-in analytics for generating useful and accurate reports from your data. Now you can power that up to achieve  advanced predictive capabilities with the addition of a new solution called SAP Analytics Cloud.

A global solution

SAP Business ByDesign is used by companies in over 130 countries worldwide. If you are operating across borders, particularly in Europe, SAP Business ByDesign allows for multiple companies in different countries with several sets of books to use the same system at the same time.

Case Study Video

Lloyd’s Register based their digital transformation on Business ByDesign – see how they did it – in conjunction with InCloud Solutions – in this video.

SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap 2020 Video

Functionality and Features of SAP Business ByDesign: Next Steps

If you like what you have heard about Business ByDesign then let’s talk about how the system can work for you. You will be in safe hands. InCloud Solutions is the country’s leading consultancy in SAP Business ByDesign with more expert consultants than any other provider. We stay with our customers for the long term – ensuring that you get what you want and that you are not left in the lurch – that is our unique promise to you.