When you launch your business you know everything about it and it is easy to keep tabs on your processes.  A basic accounting package is enough to meet your needs and you could get along for several years without needing to change. But as you grow you add complexity – more customers, suppliers, products and employees. All this is great news, but does your software stillSAP PIC suit your needs? Now could be the time to look for a replacement.

5 signs that you’ve outgrown your current IT system

  1. Are you expanding your customer base? Are you struggling to keep tabs on who and where they are and what and when they are buying?
  2. Are you expanding your product range? If so does your system allow you to view transactions with multiple suppliers across multiple processes?
  3. Have you recently expanded to include trade with another country? Does your system deal with more than one currency and understand the compliance regulations for European and International trade?
  4. Are you dreading your end of the month accounting procedures – do you know where to lay your hands on the information you need?
  5. Can your software pull together comprehensive monthly reports so that you can see exactly how healthy your business is?

If you answered yes to any of the above you need to think about an upgrade.

As your business grows and becomes more complex you need something robust to cope with the demands you will be placing on it. Being able to view what is going on through a single interface becomes increasingly important. You can’t keep that information in your head and you need reports you can share.  Taking control and not allowing your business to run away from you is vital. Many owners end up drowning in the day to day and fail to make plans or strategise for the future.

Now is the time to shop around for a new system. We recommend that you start by making a list of what your needs are now and what you want your business to do, well into the future.

5 things to ask when choosing a new system

  1. What are your current business processes?
  2. Are you planning on expanding abroad – do you need to add several currencies and multiple accounting standards?
  3. Will you be adding more businesses and running them from the same system – will you need inter-company transactions?
  4. Are you planning to operate from more than one site?
  5. Do you need help to plan your supply chain?

Moving to a new platform is an exciting time as it allows you to really step up to the next level with your business. Choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP – system will let you see how your enterprise operates as a whole – not just the accounts – giving you a 360 degree view and allowing you to take advantage of best practices. When you see how much stock you are holding for example you can reduce levels and increase your efficiency.

We recommend Business By Design  a cloud based ERP system for growing small to medium sized businesses backed by SAP – the global IT experts. SAP is well known for tailoring its products to industry needs and this product really fits a growing business without costing a fortune. Everything is based in the cloud – which means no hardware on your premises. Multiple users can log on to the system wherever they are in the world and get the same constantly updated view – a huge advantage in managing your business.

5 Good reasons to choose Business By Design

  1. CRM throughout the core product as standard.
  2. Full multi-currency and multi-language support.
  3. Allows end user to add unlimited user defined fields, tables and logic very simply.
  4. Priced per user with no charge for multiple companies.
  5. Allows the company to grow in size and complexity adding modules when necessary.

Why InCloud Solutions?

We have years of experience in the field and an in depth knowledge of business software solutions. With experts in supply chain, financials and HR waiting to get to know your business we can get going really swiftly.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and our commitment to you. When we promise, we deliver. So do give me – Caroline, a call 01628 876723  – I can talk you through the options and give you a free no obligation demo. Or visit our website to find out more about the product.

Caroline Atkinson – InCloud Solutions