Terms like ERP get bandied about all the time – but what is it and what does it do? If you are an established business then you probably already know about the various ERP systems out there but a surprising number don’t and are still struggling to run their business with basic accounting programmes and spreadsheets that don’t talk to each other.

I have news. There is no need!

An integrated suite of programmes that run your entire business from end to end is surprisingly affordable and easy to implement – and these are the systems we refer to when we talk about ERP.

At InCloud Solutions we work with one particular product – Business by Design – a totally integrated system which runs everything from sales and service through to supply chain and project management and into the back office for HR and finance.

Business by Design is a product backed by SAP – the largest enterprise software company in the world which introduced the whole concept of ERP back in the 70s. In those days you had to be a big company with lots of spending power and space for on premise hardware to benefit but that has all been changed by the cloud.

Thanks to the cloud, Business By Design is sold as what we now refer to as “software as a service” because it is something you subscribe to rather than buy outright and is ideally suited to growing companies.

Here are 6 of the benefits of Business by Design

  1. Can be implemented rapidly by our experts in the field.
  2. Scalable – start small grow big without having to stop and change your ERP.
  3. One monthly fee.
  4. SAP manages the IT – YOU manage the business.
  5. Managing servers, networks, security and regular upgrades- that is all us.
  6. Treat it as an expense not capital outlay so you can use your capital for growing your business.

Most of our customers share the same goals –

  1. Improving profitability
  2. Building a foundation for future growth

Business By Design can help achieve this by being;

Transparent – analytics allow you to see how you are doing – you can compare projections with the reality. Full document flow moves you seamlessly through your processes from lead to invoice. Then you can drill down and get all sorts of information from that data.

Efficient – SAP has integrated best practices gleaned as a result of 100s of thousands of implementations.

Integrated business task management means you can keep every staff member on message and on task.

Flexibility means you can go with the bits of the system you need today and add more functionality later.

Adaptability means you can configure the system how you want it – customize your views on things like sales orders -configure your own home page.

Accessible – Can be accessed via mobile anywhere for the sales teams on the road.

All this helps you to make better business decisions for improved efficiency and increased profit. And because it is built on in memory analytics you can get the information you want within seconds.

You can share tasks and collaborate with others and with all that information at your finger tips you can provide great customer service.

just a few of the reasons to get on board with our best in breed ERP – Business By Design – Call Caroline Atkinson or one of the team for a chat about how we can help your business. 01628 876723 e-mail  [email protected]