Business Insights You Can Trust

We all know data is the new gold, but mining it successfully is another matter. Unless you can get hold of business insights in a format you can use, then the data is not working for you.

This is where ERP comes in – by which we mean computer software that joins up all the parts of your business around a central data base. One of the biggest benefits of ERP systems are the business insights they offer. In SAP Business ByDesign the built-in analytics are always improving, with quarterly updates designed to improve the user experience so you can get your hands on the information easily.

Regular Updates – 1902

In the latest 1902 update  (the formula simply refers to the year followed by the business quarter) – new interactive features allow you to filter to the exact data you want before drilling down into it. Then select the way you want the information presented  ie the charts or tables that you want, as you want them. All improvements are there to help you meet your target KPIs and are designed to be intuitive to use.

This video has been created by people who are dedicated to constantly improving SAP Business ByDesign. Explore the new interactive features now or if you are new to Business ByDesign simply sit back and see how built-in analytics drive business insights, actions and efficiencies.