Enterprise Search

The SAP Business ByDesign – Enterprise Search, enables you to search across the entire system efficiently.
You can access the Enterprise Search from:
1) The Taskbar.

enterprise search

Accessing the search function from the Taskbar also enables you to search using external Web services.
2) The SAP Collaboration Window.
3) The Home work centre, Self-Services view. In the Self-Services Overview, in the Company Address Book section, you can find the Employee Search, which is part of the Enterprise Search.

Enterprise Search 2
You can search the SAP Business ByDesign system in the following categories:
This category retrieves browser-based reports, formatted reports, and Microsoft Excel reports.

Address Book
This category retrieves accounts, business partners, employees, and suppliers.

Business Data
This category retrieves business documents, such as contracts, sales orders, supplier invoices, and also all business partners and employees.