Are You An Avid User of Hotkeys?

Some use them for efficiency or multitasking and others for precision. Whichever category you belong to, here are the hotkeys for SAP Business ByDesign and the functions they serve:


Hot Keys

(Supported by Mozilla Firefox Web Browser 3.6 or Higher)

Hot Keys

(Supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Higher)

Save your data and close the screen. CTRL + W CTRL +ALT +W
Save your data. CTRL + S CTRL +ALT +S
Close the screen. CTRL + Q CTRL + Q
Refresh the worklist. CTRL + R CTRL + ALT + R
Open basic or advanced find in the worklist. CTRL + G CTRL + ALT + G
Open filter in the worklist. CTRL + H CTRL +ALT + H
Add a new row in the worklist. CTRL + INSERT CTRL + INSERT
Delete a row in the worklist. CTRL + DELETE CTRL + DELETE
Expand a group in the hierarchy list. CTRL + + CTRL + +
Collapse a group in the hierarchy list. CTRL + – CTRL + –
View all information in a business document. SHIFT + CTRL + A SHIFT + CTRL + A
Log off. SHIFT + CTRL + Q SHIFT + CTRL + Q