Knowing What You Want – Customisation in SAP Business ByDesign

The key to successful software selection is knowing what you want to achieve.

With clear goals in mind you can select the right business software that gets the job done. But as a growing mid-sized business can you afford to go down the road of bespoke business software? The size of the price tag would make Jessie J’s eyes water!

That’s why we love working with SAP Business ByDesign because it can do most of the things people are looking for straight out of the box.

  • Get a real-time view of your financial situation? Check
  • Organise projects of any size and complexity? Check
  • Industry specific functionality? Check
  • Procurement, supply chain management, CRM? All modules within Business ByDesign

But what if your requirements are not deliverable straight out of the box?

Customisation in Business ByDesign? Our experts will deliver it for you.

The fact that SAP Business ByDesign is a pre-configured solution means that it is very quick to implement but that is not the end of the story. We can still make adjustments and identify additional developments and integrations that will make your business work better and more profitably.

First up; We have a team of expert developers who can extend product capabilities by creating their own customisation in Business ByDesign. For example, we have developed a royalty payments app which reduces the time spent calculating royalty payments from months to hours! Originating from work we carried out in the Life Sciences sector the calcualtor can be used by anyone needing to process complex royalty payments eg performing rights or payments on patents. Another exclusive In Cloud development is CUB which allows businesses to offer bespoke deals on small incremental payments e.g. mobile phone contracts. You can read more about it here.

Secondly; We can tap into the expertise of a vast ecosystem of expert developers by accessing apps from the SAP developer App store

Thirdly; We can recommend add ons and integrations from SAP and other suppliers – for example SAP Cloud Analytics to accelerate your transition to the intelligence enterprise.

We know one size does not fit all.

That is why our agile approach to customisation in Business ByDesign ensures you are treated as unique while still offering you the convenience 0f a rapidly deployable solution in a box.

If you would like to explore what our developers can do, start by contacting Caroline on 01628 876723 or [email protected]