Current Challenges 

  • Whilst the Human Resources Management standard functionality in ByDesign manages onboarding, offboarding and time and compensation, there is a gap for learning, development and recruitment management
  • SME’s may require multiple systems to manage their end-to-end processes for their employees

Why use the In Cloud Solutions HR Module?

  • Capture and manage employee data in one centralised view
  • Manage the employee journey from recruitment through to exit interview
  • Manage mandatory training and qualifications by role
  • Manage employee training records and upload qualifications and certificates
  • Manage renewal and expiry dates of qualifications and certifications
  • Clear and visible appraisal process for HR, Line Manager & Employee
  • Track & manage the recruitment process

Value-Driven Results

  • Save time and money by managing your employee journey in one system

What is available in the Human Resources Module from In Cloud Solutions?

The Module contains seven Work Centre views:

  • HR Appraisals
    • HR can create, display, edit appraisals, line managers can view and edit their teams’ appraisals and employees can view previously filed appraisals and edit and complete live appraisals
  • Appraisals Admin
    • Usually used by HR to administer the Appraisals function
  • Recruitment
    • HR can effectively manage and track the recruitment process for all roles and candidates in one place
  • Exit Interview
    • Exit interviews can be formally recorded and data collected for analysis.
  • Qualifications & Certificates Checklist
    • Qualifications for business roles can be created, maintained and flagged as mandatory to ensure the rights skill sets are obtained
  • Employee Qualifications & Certificates
    • Employee qualifications, certificates, skills and training can be logged and uploaded all in one place
  • Notification Before Renewal Date Expiration
    • Reports can be generated to ensure key expiry dates are not missed and refresher training or qualifications can be booked and attended.