*This series of posts is based on questions we are frequently asked about SAP Business ByDesign

Question: Is there a Warehouse Management Solution with bar code scanning that integrates with SAP Business ByDesign?

Definition of a WMS

By definition a warehouse management system or WMS primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking. A WMS monitors receipt, storage and goods movement from all locations to a final customer.

InCloud Solutions suggests:

LISA Warehosue Management Solution (WMS) is the key to streamlining the inbound and outbound supply chain. Designed with small and medium sized business in mind it integrates seamlessly with ByDesign. LISA will help to control, optimize, and automate your warehouse operations, from container receiving to lot tracking, to order fulfilment and shipping by:

  • Improving visibility and reducing carrying costs, with real time, high quality information on inventory that is in-bound, in-process and at a warehouse, zone, and bin level across the whole enterprise
  • Increasing control over warehouse management functions such as cycle counting, inventory moves, warehouse transfers, physical counting, and warehouse space optimization (automatic forklift routing efficiency, supply to pick face, QA checking Goods In)
  • Increasing warehouse productivity with system directed put away, picking and cycle counting processes
  • Supporting remote warehouse locations or 3PL’s with LISA’s web-based transaction interface. Providing the tools for remote warehouse personnel to make real-time transactions for inventory movements
  • Interfacing into carousels, scanners, and other third-party automation solutions
  • Taking advantage of plug-and-play integration with EDI and Shipping solutions to streamline and compress your companies Order to Cash cycle to increase cash flow, reduce returns and optimize your inventory.


Bar Code scanning is 9 times faster than manual entry

Increase inventory accuracy by 78%

Increase warehouse productivity by 30%

LISA Warehouse management system uses real time Bar Code Scanning and data capture technology, such as barcode scanners and radio-frequency identification (RFID) to efficiently monitor the flow of products within each warehouse. Built with Web Browser based technology it runs on mobile browser technology.

Please see our Business ByDesign for Wholesale and Distribution page for more.