*This series of posts is based on questions we are frequently asked about SAP Business ByDesign

Question: Is SAP Business ByDesign able to manage recurring invoices?

Definition: A recurring invoice is a type of invoicing in which a supplier or merchant automatically charges a customer for goods or services at regular intervals. Recurring invoices allow you to  automatically charge customers for an agreed amount.

You can create invoices for regular payments such as rent, leasing or insurance automatically in the Recurring Invoices view of the Supplier Invoicing work centre of Business ByDesign.  These costs do not usually involve purchase orders, goods and services receipts.

Recurring invoice runs can be scheduled to run automatically.  You can define their recurrence for example, weekly or monthly.  During a run, invoices are created based on the information entered into the recurring invoice.  In addition to creating new recurring invoices you can also edit, block and delete existing ones.

More information on how to create a recurring invoice in Business ByDesign can be found on the HELP PORTAL